Happy Hour Oysters


We use Signature Oysters farmed fresh and delivered straight from the farmer. A little more information about them…


“We have recruited some of Australia’s best oyster farmers from all regions to supply restaurants and retailers with a regionally diverse range of top quality oysters. Signature Oysters places great emphasis on the provenance of the product. We use the Royal Agriculture Society oyster judging standards to benchmark quality and ensure we build a network of farmers renowned for exceptional quality… Our farmer community is central to what we do and why we exist because we believe by supporting farmers, we can provide the highest quality oysters direct to you.”

We’re using the same oysters as some of Melbourne’s elite restaurants such as Rockpool, Pei Modern & Cumulus Inc. They change weekly so make sure you check our Facebook or Instagram to see what’s on each week.

At $3 each during Happy Hour, or 4 for $10, they’re the best and cheapest oysters you’ll get Northside. Bundled with $5 pots, $10 pints of craft beer and $9 glasses of prosecco, this is the perfect end to any day or the best way to start a night out.

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